Manual Handling Surveillance

Regularly lifting, carrying or handling materials and items can cause serious injuries. Conducting manual handling surveillance will identify employees with musculo-skeletal conditions caused by their work and will advise you in the management of injured employees or those who are at increased risk of developing injury or chronic musculo-skeletal conditions.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 says you must prevent or reduce risks from lifting, carrying and handling loads and recommends that employers use the assess, control and review model. Industrial Diagnostics Ltd manual handing health surveillance service will assist in monitoring control measures and will proactively allow you to manage employees by reviewing their musculo-skeletal health on a regular basis.

We will identify gaps such as an absence of manual handling training and highlight concerns that employees have in a constructive non-judgemental manner. We will medically assess employees with musculo-skeletal condition and advise on the best course of management of such conditions in the workplace.

We offer a range of services ranging from questionnaire based assessment through to capability and task based assessment according to our client requirements.

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