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Industrial Diagnostics work alongside University Staff and Student services and provide a bespoke and tailored solution to all Occupational Health requirements in the complex and demanding world of higher education

Higher Education Staff Services require a wide range of occupational health services including robust fitness for work advice, statutory health surveillance and ill health retirement opinion.

Higher Education Occupational Practitioners (HEOPS) equally requires an entirely unique service managing students fitness to undertake clinical and teaching courses, their immunity requirement in line with national guidance and in course occupational health support which may include body fluid exposure. IDC offer considerable experience in this sector and have invested heavily in the technology that underpins the service.

Staff Services

  • Fitness for work by manager or HR referral is delivered by our team who are highly skilled in dealing with the complexities and diversity of roles in a Higher Education establishment. We are familiar with assisting to manage long terms cases and can resource specialist support in fields such as stress or pain management. We work with Universities to enable them to ensure that their staff function is as effective as possible through pro-active intervention, robust fitness for work advice and a no-nonsense approach
  • Ill heath retirement advice by engagement with the appropriate forms and processes following a formal request for consideration and in line with each pension scheme. This is generally a physician lead service although medical evidence is collated by a member of the nursing team
  • Statutory health surveillance programs are varied and generally fall into two departmental areas; estates and research. Whilst research generally requires robust surveillance under COSHH, ground/estates require and more diverse range of health surveillance under The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and COSHH. Additionally grounds often require fitness for work advice such as driver medicals.
  • The Health and Safety Departments in higher education have considerable involvement in University life and many activities are safety critical. In addition research facilities generate high risk that require occupational health input such as biological monitoring, health surveillance for pathogens and ionising radiation
  • Our web based Occupational Health information management platform ensures full visibility of cases, fitness for work, health surveillance and other services in real time. Tracking activity across the university occupational health department is complex but our investment in technology ensures that data can be extracted by the client at any time. The platform also generates the necessary data for annual or biennial reporting and using clock methodology to monitor wait times

Student Services


  • Student fitness for study services which is sufficiently robust to manage several thousands of student simultaneously following strict protocol aligned with HEOPS and department of Health Guidance. This service is web based and for students who are “automatically fit” the entire process takes just a few moments via our bespoke portal.
  • Student immunity services where the immunity and vaccination journey is tracked through the portal in real time providing schools with instantaneous updates and absolutely verifiable evidence of immunity status for each student. If our process is followed we guarantee that all students will reach an immunity status that will allow them to attend clinical placement on time
  • The services also engage with national research programs such as the SCIN study lead by Kings College London

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