NHS Adult Hearing Services – Patient Guidance

NHS Adult Hearing Services – Patient Guidance

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote adult hearing aid service. We will send hearing aids and instructions out to suitable patients. 

The hearing aids are programmed by an audiologist to the patients individual requirements in advance. Patients are provided with instructions and advice leaflets and can access our website links or YouTube to view our self-help videos.

The service is supported by a telephone or face time consultation service with one our audiologists.

Once the period of social isolation has ended, we can arrange face to face follow-up to further support the patients individual needs and to refine digital programming as required.

Please use the below links to access the resources

Information Leaflets

Using your NHS Open Fit Hearing Aid

Changing Your Open Fit Hearing Aid Tubes

Changing Your Standard Tubing Hearing Aids

Patient Information Videos

Using your NHS Hearing Aid

Changing Your Tube and Dome

Cleaning Your Ear Mould

Changing Your Hearing Aid Battery

Replacing Your Ear Mould Tubing

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