NHS Adult Hearing Services – Patient Guidance

NHS Adult Hearing Services – Patient Guidance

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new remote adult hearing aid service. We will send hearing aids and instructions out to suitable patients. 

The hearing aids are programmed by an audiologist to the patients individual requirements in advance. Patients are provided with instructions and advice leaflets and can access our website links or YouTube to view our self-help videos.

The service is supported by a telephone or face time consultation service with one our audiologists.

Once the period of social isolation has ended, we can arrange face to face follow-up to further support the patients individual needs and to refine digital programming as required.

Your Hearing Aid - Frequently Asked Questions

Your National Health Service hearing aid has been provided by IDC Ltd. We are a qualified provider, contracted by the NHS. As well as assessment, fitting and follow-up after your hearing aid fitting, we will provide ongoing care support and batteries.

Where do I get replacement batteries?

When you are running low on batteries and are unsure about the procedure for replacement batteries, please refer to your hearing aid record book or telephone our NHS Helpline 01530 23910 option 1.

What do I do if my hearing aid stops working or I have a problem with it?

· Check that you have not switched it to the ‘T' setting by accident.

· If your hearing aid has a volume control, check that this is not turned right down. If it is, adjust it to the correct level.

· If your hearing aid has a programme button/switch it may be on the wrong programme or may be muted. Your audiologist should have shown you how to use this control.

· Check that the battery is the right way round.

· Try putting in a new battery.

· Take your hearing aid out and check that the ear mould is not blocked with wax.

· Check that the tubing is not twisted, squashed or split.

· Check whether there are droplets of condensation in the tubing. If there are, gently pull the soft tubing off the hooked part of the aid and blow down the tubing to remove the droplets.

If you can not resolve the problem please call our NHS Helpline on 01530 23910 option 1. 

What can I use to clean my hearing aid?

You will have been shown how to clean and look after your hearing aid using the basic universal cleaning set at your fitting appointment. The NHS does not provide specialised cleaning equipment for your hearing aid, but you can purchase puffers and drying pots from various on-line suppliers


We have service locations across Cheshire, South Warwickshire, Lincolnshire and in Stafford

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