Refer an Employee

Most firms irrespective of their size will at some time, require advice about the health of their employees and how to provide a supportive background for employees who are ill or vulnerable, in need of support or who fall under the remit of the Equality Act

A referral to occupational health will adopt a “no surprises” approach and will provide all relevant background information to a referred person including a job description and will be made with the full knowledge and cooperation of the referred person

Example of reasons for a referral to occupational health include

  1. Following injury , illness or surgery to request advice about fitness to return to work either fully or on a phased or adjusted basis
  2. Advice on a return to work on adjusted or restricted duties
  3. Suitability for ill health retirement or a capability dismissal
  4. Risk assessment for pregnancy or disability
  5. Persistent short term absence
  6. Long term absence
  7. Stress either work or home related


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