Fitness for Disciplinary

Industrial Diagnostics Company Ltd have a wealth of experience in providing advice to clients on an employees fitness to attend a disciplinary meeting. In providing this advice we refer to relevant guidance, e.g. Faculty of Occupational Medicine. Whilst it is acknowledged that attendance at such meetings can be concerning for an employee, generally an employee will be fit to attend and it is usually better for them to do so.

The questions posed to Occupational Health will be determined on a case by case, however consideration should be given to the following questions when making a referral for such advice:

Is the employee capable of understanding the proceedings and allegation against them?

Are they able to distinguish between right and wrong?

Are they any considerations/recommendations that can be made to allow for the meeting to proceed and in order to minimise any undue concern for the employee?

The medical professional will seek to provide clear advice with recommendations for consideration by the client, e.g.  written submissions,  a clear agenda, comfort breaks.

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