COSHH Dermatology Surveillance

Skin inspections are delivered on-site through visual check and questioning to identify cases, identify non-compliance and determine appropriate action.  This is a relatively simple service to deliver however IDC Ltd seek to find added value for our clients in delivering this service. 

First our staff must have a firm understanding of non-dermatitis conditions so that they can only refer relevant findings and do not, for example, triage someone with psoriasis. Our assessors are trained to look beyond the immediate findings and to develop clear understanding and documentation of causation and they have sufficient experience to offer risk management advice for dermatitis. 

Where a mild case is identified, our staff will determine whether it has been addressed from an avoidance point of view prior to referring it.  This avoids RIDDOR issues for conditions that can be rapidly managed rather than escalated.  We aim to minimise the number of RIDDOR cases through astute and rapid management prior to the point of formal diagnosis.

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