COSHH Respiratory Surveillance

Occupational Lung Disease can be largely defined as having two disease areas.  Obstructive disease can be caused by respiratory senstitisers such as isocyanates which essentially can cause or exacerbate wheeze. Fibrosing agents such as Respirable Crystalline silica can cause opacities (scarring) in the lung field and in the early stages of disease are only evident on carrying out a Chest x-ray.

Carrying our Respiratory Surveillance across a population potentially exposed to fibrosing agents is challenging and requires specialist understanding of the disease area, the risk, the longevity of exposure and the Work Exposure Limits.  The understanding of Chest x-ray request and reporting is also essential. IDC Ltd offer specialist respiratory surveillance provision focused of targeting those at risk and triaging non-risk cases to general practice. We will track the fundamental lung function parameters over time to allow considered decisions to be taken with regard to onward referral for chest x-ray.

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